I am so thankful that you've been able to help Todd. He really is a different person now that his pain is gone. Many, many thanks.
Sharon Garner 

I am a 36 year old male that has suffered from chronic back issues at varying degrees of pain for the better part of the last decade. I was not happy. Most weeks were hard to focus because I was constantly thinking of my back or in severe pain. After years of this I finally started to seek doctors that could help me fix, reduce, or manage the pain. I wanted to feel healthy again and do many of the things I always have in my life.  
After seeing three separate specialists in lower back pain and a round of cortisone shots in my spine, I gave up with traditional medicine – as nothing seemed to work.
I met Dr. Ling through another professional. I liked him, and was comforted the moment I met him. I was excited to try something new like acupuncture, but I was also skeptical and scared. He made that go away within the first visit. I realized his treatment was centered around “caring” for the individual. We worked together to determine my diagnosis – which was something new and invigorating for me (a hands on type) to take part in!
It took 5 visits before I was free of severe pain. He altered my treatments based on how I felt and what he could read in me -- the way I acted and moved. I came to understand that the body can help itself. With time to relax my body in treatment and the art of acupuncture, I began to feel less and less pain and stiffness. I started feeling better both emotionally and physically.  
I could go on and on explaining the wonders of Ling and his acupuncture, but you must explore it for yourself! I highly recommend him and his practice as he works one-on-one to address holistic healing.  
Thank you very much Dr. Ling, for giving me mobility and stress relief!  
 ~~ Todd Strunk,

I am not one to write testimonials but I must tell you how Dr. Ling Cheng has made such a positive impact on the lives of both my husband and myself.

From the minute that you meet this doctor you are put at ease and feel a sense of peace and calm. 
His goal is to heal the patient so that they won't need him any more...also to use diet first before supplements...as a nurse, I find this so refreshing!

He treats the patient as a special individual on each visit. By using tongue and pulse diagnosis he is able to discern what needs he needs to address on that particular visit. He may use different acupuncture points on each visit. 

My husband has his own commercial cleaning business, he has been diagnosed with a herniated L5 disc which was bothering him daily, wearing on him,; and an orthopedic surgeon recommended fusing the bones in his thumb due to long term pain in one of the joints. As you can imagine, thinking about another several years doing the work that he finds very rewarding was very daunting.

Dr. Ling was actually able to completely eliminate the back pain in two visits. I say this with the caution that Dr. Ling used with Peter, "this is not always the case”, the pain in his thumb has also, amazingly been eliminated after two visits. 

I cannot even tell you the joy that my husband feels now going off to work. He tells me that he feels at least ten years younger!

As for me, I was having digestive issues which were cleared up with his dietary advice, I was also having a lot of stress related issues , ( I am three years breast cancer free !) including back pain , which were alleviated greatly with breathing exercises that he taught me along with acupuncture . Most recently I had been experiencing a sharp pain similar to my husband’s in my right thumb, after one visit this pain was gone. My mother had surgery on the same joint, was that in my future? I'm not sure, but I do know that it was painful constantly and made me realize how often we use our thumbs!!

Needless to say, my husband and I are both very grateful to Dr. Ling Cheng, he has quite honestly changed our lives.

Gale Shea

I have been receiving acupuncture for close to 3 years now and I can honestly say it has turned my life around. Seven years ago I battled pneumonia and mononucleosis. My health was in a very poor state and for many years I suffered from fatigue, urinary urgency/frequency, ear infections, poor sleep, digestion issues, and frequent colds. I thought my health would never be able to recover. I was particularly frustrated as frequent visits to the physician and specialists seemed to be making no progress. My poor health coupled with a high stress job and busy lifestyle was leaving me a wreck.

I decided to start trying alternative medicine and my research landed me upon acupuncture. For me, acupuncture delivered immediate results. I could actually feel the treatments working and taking effect. Acupuncture lifted the stress from my life and then began repairing my health.

Dr. Ling Cheng is a master at his craft. He brings a skill set and experience to acupuncture that many other practices lack. Being from China Dr. Ling Cheng has an excellent understanding of Chinese Medicine. His knowledge and practice of Chinese Medicine traces from the source (China) with nothing lost in translation or diluted by western culture. He also has education and practice in Western Medicine helping him to better understand patients’ unique needs and medical history.

Since starting my journey with acupuncture my quality of life has improved dramatically. Many of my symptoms have disappeared or greatly decreased. I still go for acupuncture on a periodic basis to help regulate my health and relieve stress. Dr. Ling Cheng also provides additional knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and medical qigong which is a great supplement to the normal treatment. Thank you Dr. Snyder and Dr. Ling Cheng! I encourage any and all who are suffering from chronic issues and poor health to give acupuncture a chance!

Richard W.

For the few months I have suffered from the sharp pain in the right foot - have had a tendon injury. Was difficult to walk and could not touch the heel area. The Western medicine has offered me to wear the special shoe and to do exercises in order to heal the tendon. In fact, the effect from the shoe and exercises was very small. My friend has referred me to acupuncture Doctor Ling Cheng. After the first treatment of acupuncture, I finally have had the release of pain to a considerable extend.

I had continued to do acupuncture with Doctor Ling Cheng. Every visit brings me the great deal of improvement – less pain, less swelling. The redness has completely disappeared.

 In addition, I have mentioned that the swellings of my both feet have reduced significantly. These swelling I had had more, than 25 years and now the swelling is almost gone. I am lucky to be the patient of Doctor Ling Cheng. If you are looking for an acupuncture doctor, I highly recommend to do acupuncture with Doctor Ling Cheng, who is an excellent TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor, herbalist and, in addition, has training and experience in the western medicine - specializing in gastroenterology. These trainings and experiences do Doctor Ling Cheng absolutely unique.

Dear Doctor, thank you very much.

Ludmilla P.

P.S. I have much less pain. 
P.P.S. My phone number is (781)400-1278

The intense pain I was experiencing when I first sought Dr. Snyder has all but disappeared, and I feel a general sense of well-being.  I am immensely grateful to Dr. Snyder for her kindness, expertise and professionalism
Dr. Elizabeth Magliula

Thank you for seeing me last week and showing me how acupuncture can help relieve my arthritis pain in my thumbs and knees, also my lower back pain due to surgery.  I was skeptical that this sort of procedure would work as I have heard about it, but never tried it.  After my session I can report that I had less pain especially in my back, a small miracle.
John Nelson III

When you treated me two weeks ago I was experiencing swelling at the surgical site where I had abdominal surgery two years ago, this swelling has drastically diminished.  You also treated my sacrum which was bruised from a riding accident; I am now running without pain.
Emily Kay Fischer

I'm very grateful, Ms. Snyder for the help you gave me with your magic needles.  I feel so much better. Much more calm and serene.  I wish all my friends would go to you and have a few sessions for their aches and pains. Thank you again.   
Marine Zagoreos

A clinic in Middletown, Rhode Island that offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and medical Qigong.
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See you soon,
Have a nice day,
MAY 17, 2016




I was referred to Dr. Cheng by a family friend in June of 2016. I had been suffering from severe neck and back pain for a few months after being in a car accident. I had tried numerous interventions without any relief, including painful injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc. Within two months of treatment, my neck and back pain has resolved. I am currently a nurse and am studying to be a nurse practitioner. Although I work in the field of Western medicine, I am an avid believer in the alternative treatments of Eastern medicine. I was impressed that Dr. Cheng was also a medical doctor, as well as a Doctor of Acupuncture. Dr. Cheng is truly a master of his craft. 

I was suffering from extremely painful lower GI spasms along with bloody diarrhea for over a year. I then had anal fissure and would sit in the bathroom for an hour. I could feel that there was a clog inside my digestive system. I have been to several gastroenterologists and conducted few colonoscopies only to determine that I am constipated …and nothing else. I did not receive any medication or advice on how to handle this medical situation. I was eating adequate amount of fiber and drinking more than enough water; yet, I was having a hard time in doing bowel movement. The anal fissure pain is one of the worst pain one can suffer from. I even stopped eating due to the pain and started to lose weight and I got no relief. It started to affect my health, work, home life….everything. I have been to specialists in North Carolina, Texas, and here in Rhode Island. Luckily, my wife came across the acupuncture practice of Dr. Cheng almost by mistake. Upon a short telephone conversation, she got to know that he is a GI specialist and he assured us he would be able to aid. Over the next few months, Dr Cheng treated me, and I slowly got better. In about three months I was as good as new. I have started to eat more and have proper bowel movements that are pain free! I then suddenly got Chalazion in my eye. I have been to eye doctor, and he just prescribed me an antibiotic ointment and capsules. These capsules though might help to relieve the issue may have a devastating effect on the skin when exposed to the sun. I immediately went to Dr Cheng. With just one sitting of acupuncture, the issue was drastically reduced. Sometimes I think the reason for me to come to the smallest state in US is to be treated by Dr Cheng! 
Dr. Cheng is a very calm, friendly, knowledgeable, and has years of expertise. Both my wife and I have found both his acupuncture treatments and herbs that he provides to be of the optimum quality. They work! He was a God given blessing for us at a time when all other interventions failed. We are extremely grateful to have found him and benefitted from his practice. Thank you, Dr. Cheng!
I first met Dr Ling Cheng in the spring 2017. At that time my chi, whole being, was seriously out of balance. I had seen a circulatory physician regarding my very swollen legs and feet who wanted to enter me into the emergency room which I never did. The ability to walk was severely restricted and it was impossible to put my shoes on my feet. 

I turned to two friends who I had immense respect for their opinion. Both had serious health issues and had turn to Dr. Cheng for treatment despite living 3 hours away in two different directions.

Taking their very positive experience seriously, I turn to Dr Cheng for treatment.

Dr. Chang responded quickly and spent an extraordinary amount of time on my initial visit diagnosing and initiating treatment. Over a period of several months the root cause of my health issues was successfully treated putting me on the road to recovery. Besides my continued weekly visits where I experienced a radical positive transformation to my being by the pinpointed acupuncture treatment, I was put on a very selective food intake program Plus a gradual reintroduction to exercise as part of my recovery program.

It is without hesitation that I attribute Dr Cheng's treatment and your health advice to being responsible for my incredible transformation to my core self be able to function again.

Dr. Cheng talents extend to his remarkable artistic abilities. The fine details of his beautiful art are presented in Exquisite detail of Fine Lines mirroring the Precision of his acupuncture treatment

Thank you Dr Cheng

Ray Meyerson

Two years my patient gave me the gifts for good treatment:)

Dr. Cheng, 

Hello, long time no hear! I know. 

I hope all is well with you

I will not be back in Newport for awhile, but probably for a short vacation at some point. 

I am very disappointed that I am not receiving treatments from you anymore. They were very effective and produced the results I wanted. I was in less pain, the body functioned better and was on my way to looking beautiful. What I am really disappointed about! :-) 

I want to thank you for your skill, talent and care for me while I was seeing you. I appreciate you restoring and improving my health. 

If I have the opportunity to visit your office for treatment when I do return to RI, I will most certainly do so. 

Good luck to you and I wish you nothing but the best. 

Ling Cheng I am so happy that I am a useful person:)

Debra Dunlea Seddon You are the best!!!!

Julia Seddon I second that! 🙌🏼💆🏻‍♀️⭐️

Meghan Greer Dr. Cheng, thank you for the acupuncture today. I will sleep like a baby!

Bok Nam DeGregorio Good job Ling!!

Angela Jamal You are so deserving Ling.. It was such a pleasure doing intern clinic with you!


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Dr. Cheng is the best on Aquidneck Island and great Rhode Island. I am a veteran of acupuncture visiting several along the east coast. Dr. Cheng is the best, he is able to cure what ails me best and the quickest. I wish I still visited Newport as often as I used to just to get treatments from him. Do yourself a favor and go see him. "

Mark Missigman Enterprises LLC

"Dr Chang is amazing and has healed me numerous times "
Frank Barbosa of Frank Antonio of Newport
You administered acupuncture to my wife for help with our infertilit, as we had been trying to get pregnant for years with no real success. 
we now have a great, baby boy
Stella Goodall
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5 days ago
Dr. Cheng is great! I started seeing him a couple of months ago for a severe skin condition on my hands and feet, very painful, and for which I had started seeing a western acupuncturist for out of state before I moved to Rhode Island. My previous acupuncturist was heavy on herbs and so I expected the same from Dr Cheng. He wanted me to trust the acupuncture process and so I did and it is paying off. I am so glad I found him!